Mind Over Midnight: Mental Health on New Year's Eve

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Mind Over Midnight: Mental Health on New Year's Eve

Written by Dr Hannah Farnsworth

There is a lot of hype around New Year’s Eve – the promise of a fresh start and the chance to leave the challenges of the past year behind. However, not everyone will be partying, and not everyone wants to, so you are not alone if this time of year makes you feel anxious, stressed or lonely.


If you’re fed up with society’s expectations or feeling alienated from the celebrations, try a few mindful strategies that will help you prioritise your mental health as we enter 2024.


1 Reflect on 2023

Take some time to reflect on the last 12 months. Think about what you have achieved, no matter how small, and recognise the challenges you have overcome. Thinking about 2023 can provide a sense of accomplishment and help you think about what else you would like to achieve in the year ahead.


2 Set Realistic Intentions

Forget about setting resolutions and instead set intentions. Whereas resolutions are tied to a specific goal, intentions directly relate to your core values. A resolution might be a hard and fast aim, such as learning to play the piano, whereas intentions could include getting more sleep, practising gratitude, or limiting social media.


To set intentions that will help your mental health and overall wellbeing, think about what you would like to get out of 2024, and the intentions that could help you.


3 Celebrate Your Way

Parties aren’t for everyone, and being forced to celebrate in a way you don’t enjoy can feel overwhelming. Remember it’s ok to begin 2024 in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to you. You might like to invite friends round to watch a film, spend the evening reading a book, or go to a virtual gathering. Alternatively, you may not want to celebrate at all, and that’s fine!


4 Connect with Others

Whether you want to connect with friends, family or those you know online or away from real life, having some social support in place can help you feel calmer as January approaches. Give your mental wellbeing a boost by finding meaningful connections and a sense of belonging with those around you.


5 Try Mindfulness

Find some time to try mindfulness each day. This self-care practice could include deep breathing exercises, meditation, or paying attention to each of your senses while you go for a walk. Being present in the moment can help you manage feelings of stress or anxiety, so that you can approach the new year with a calmer, clearer mind.



Remember, your mental health is valuable. Taking steps to take care of your emotional wellbeing around New Year’s Eve can set a positive tone for the year ahead. By starting 2024 with intentions to take care of yourself, you commit to nurturing your mind during the months ahead.

Posted by Dr Hannah Farnsworth

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