Stress-Busting Tips Series: Creativity

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Stress-Busting Tips Series: Creativity

Written by Dr Hannah Farnsworth

We all experience stress, and it’s impossible to avoid difficult situations or events in life that might be triggers. By finding creative ways to cope with stress now, you’ll develop skills that will help you through life’s natural ups and downs.


1 Artistic Expression

All you need is a pencil and some paper to begin drawing. If you find sketching helps you let go of stress, find out about joining an art club at your school or college, or see if you can get hold of some art supplies second hand. Whether you draw to express how you’re feeling or as a distraction, art can be a therapeutic outlet for stress.


2 Music

Listening to music can be relaxing, invigorating, or help to bring emotions to the surface. Create playlists for different circumstances, for example to suit when you feel happy, sad, anxious, energetic or excited, and see if you can transport yourself to a different mental space.


3 Journaling

Start a stress-busting journal. This can be a diary, a way to record your feelings, or a place for stories and creative writing. Being creative in this way can take your mind off stress or be a way of reflecting on your experiences in a healthy way.


4 Craft Projects

Throw yourself into something new to add some fun and relaxation into your downtime. Creative projects could include tie-dying fabrics, model building, or candle making.


5 Mindful Colouring

There are lots of colouring books designed to help you relax. Choose a book that appeals to you and enjoy this meditative and soothing activity.


6 Laughter Therapy

Laughter can be a great way to relieve anxious or stressful feelings. Watch a funny movie, find a stand-up comedian who makes you laugh, or watch hilarious YouTube videos. 


7 Brain Teasers or Puzzles

Give your brain a workout with a crossword, Sudoku, or a strategy-based video game. Challenging your mind can help you focus on something else instead of stressful situations or other worries.


8 Reading

Dive into a captivating book, whether it’s one you’ve read before or a new one. You’ll find lots of recommendations online to suit your taste. Sign up at the library to read books for free and transport yourself to a different world.


9 Cookery

It can be tempting to choose takeaways or fast food, but this won’t help your emotional wellbeing. Cook a meal from scratch – if you’ve not cooked before, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Search online for easy recipes like jacket potatoes or simple pasta dishes. Eating well can help you feel more positive, as well as being good for your physical health.



Learning to manage stress is a gradual process, and it is great if you can start experimenting with new techniques that will help you manage more challenging times in life. For more tips, please look back at the earlier stress-busting tips in this series including stretching, mindfulness and exercise.


If you are concerned about yourself, a friend or family member you can get immediate mental health crisis information 24/7 by FreeTexting HELP to 50015. It is free of charge to text this number even if you have no credit. More detailed support information is available at ?

Posted by Dr Hannah Farnsworth

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