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Let's Talk about Mental Health with John Sharpson      

Due to the impact of COVID on our services, and the major impact on youth mental health that it has caused, it has been very difficult to provide our Schools Programme to all the schools and organisations that have requested access. Following consultations with schools and colleges and our own advisory panel we decided that we needed to find a better way of providing access to our Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention workshops for students, with better value for money and easier access. So we are delighted to announce a new way of providing our Schools Programme, The Let's Talk about Mental Health Video Presentation.

Working with John Sharpson, aka Múinteoir John, and Macalla Teo, one of Ireland's leading production companies, we now have an engaging video presentation of our Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention talk that can be booked through this website and then played to up to 50 times over 100 days through a standard web browser in your classroom or meeting space.

Please feel free to make a booking if you would like to review the video for suitability for your needs.

Our new video presentation has many benefits:

  • The video presentation is entirely free of charge
  • The video presentation is available to view as soon as you receive your confirmation email
  • The video presentation takes 28 minutes so ideal for most classes
  • You can make a booking just to preview the video for suitability
  • The video presentation is streamed through any web browser
  • You can show the video presentation up to 50 times over 100 days
  • You can give your students the link to the PDF download of the accompanying Student Guide HERE
  • The video presentation is accompanied by a Teachers' Handbook and a book of Lesson Plans HERE.

Please take a look at the trailer HERE.




Make a Booking

Please use the form below to book the "Let's Talk about Mental Health with John Sharpson" (Múinteoir John) video presentation.

Once you have made your booking we will send you a link and password to access the video. The password will give you access to the video for 100 days from the today and the video will be available immediately. This will allow you to show the video up to 50 times during the period of the booking. The password will expire after 100 days. If you need a longer booking period or more views please contact us.

If you would like more information or have any queries about the programme you can contact us by phone on 1800 828 888 or by email to